What’s Hot in Worsley | Diddikicks | Football coaching for 18 months – 5 years

This week we caught up with Becky (The brains behind the business) and Chris (who’s got the skills to pay the bills) and their Football Coaching business ‘Diddikicks’ for 18 months – 5 years. We picked their brains on how they started in business, Market themselves, and their ‘Must follows’ on twitter.

1. How did your business come into the world?

After yet another failed attempt by the English Football Team in a major competition, the nation’s attention inevitably turned to the grass roots game. Diddikicks was founded to look a little further, and give them a head start at the seedlings level.

2. Tell us about your business family – who does what to keep things running smoothly?

At the heart of the business are Becky and Chris. Becky keeps things ticking, by making sure the classes are full, everyone’s happy and is the face behind all our social media posts. Whilst Chris is in charge of developing the coaching program, managing staff and expanding the business.

3. What makes you proud of your business baby? How do you stand out from the crowd?

Unlike other coaching programs, by limiting our class numbers, we ensure a more personal coaching session. We are constantly keeping in touch with the parents whether this is via email or social media. We invest time and money in our coaches, and once they have passed their training are rewarded with their own diddikicks personalized coaching top.
It makes me proud when I see how much the children have enjoyed their sessions with us and cant wait to come back the following week. Even refusing to change out of their kits when they get home!

4. Who are your target customers? How do you reach out to them?

Nothing works better than word of mouth, but social media is the new digital word of mouth. We regularly promote diddikicks on Facebook and Twitter, with parents sending in pictures of their children in kits or playing with their diddikicks football at home, that they are so proud to share.

5. What do you want your business to be when it grows up? What are your hopes & plans for the future?

The great thing about our business is we will never grow up but in the future would love to be synonymous with infant development and hopefully create a few stars along the way.

6. What’s been your latest big milestone?

Just last week we opened a venue in Worsley within Total Fitness. This is our 2nd Total Fitness venue and their premier facilities are setting us head and shoulders above the rest.

7. Where do you find inspiration for new ideas?

Television, real life and film. Finding situations or characters the children can relate to, help us to teach by turning football based games into an everyday relatable challenge.

8. Is your business in a routine? How does a typical day go?

Thanks to our iphones and imacs syncronisation we can reply to new leads and keep in touch with our parents 24 hours a day.

9. Is there anything you’d change about your business journey, knowing what you do now?

Invest in local businesses. We got some terrible kit samples from abroad before finding the right supplier locally.

10. What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their own business?

Invest in your website, your Twitter and your Facebook.

11. What five products could you not live without?

Iphone, Imac, Car, Sky sports news app, hair gel.

12. What’s the soundtrack of your day?

Rocky – gonna fly now – the soundtrack to every day

13. What’s next for your business?

Keep growing

14. Tell us a secret!

Becky’s not just the face of the company…there’s brains behind the beauty.

15. How can we connect with you?

Email – info@diddikicks.co.uk
Twitter – @diddikicks
Tel no – 0161 300 4665

16. Who are your ‘must follows’ on your favourite social media channels?

Manchester United and Manchester City
Joey Barton – he cant help but put his foot in his mouth

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