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Autumn Artwork – Bubbaloo Baby Photography – Manchester

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Bubbaloo wanted to take a new approach, a new direction if you like. We Love the photos that we take and we have recently been thinking about them as pieces of art. We love nothing more than to see our pictures framed in our clients houses. We don’t want our pictures stashed away on some CD or hardrive somewhere, we want them to be on display to show the beauty of what they are! Sometimes there are just too many good ones to choose from! I know this too well. We have so many of our little boy, picking our favorites is virtually impossible! What we have created here, if you like, a shoot in one piece of artwork. All your favorites picked and creatively displayed. Having something like this we think increases its lifespan. We are gradually going to be creating compositions, creative artwork, large prints framed etc, so that you can all see what can be done with your images. Facebook just doesn’t justify the beauty of your children,their personality and expressions. I Love facebook don’t get me wrong! – its perfect for sharing photographs, but seeing them printed as Art on your walls is something else!