Newborn Baby Photography Studio Manchester | Bubbaloo Photography

Newborn Baby Photography Studio Manchester – Bubbaloo Photography.

This blog post is long over due! We are coming up to 1 year in our new studio which is fast becoming not new anymore 😉 We Have been so busy shooting in it, we’ve found it hard to find time to blog it. That time has now come but first, take a peek at how it looked before we moved in!

Newborn Baby Photography Studio Manchester

Here Goes 🙂

Newborn Baby Photography Studio Manchester

Our Story:

Bubbaloo Photography has been trading for 5 years. In the first year we would only travel to clients homes and do location sessions.
In year 2,3 and 4 we designed our own home studio. For home studio ideas click here:

This studio space was amazing and allowed our business to grow as we kept our overheads down shooting from home. We always dreamt about having a commerical space. Although the home studio was convenient we really wanted to enhance the experience for our customers. We wanted to spoil them with an amazing service, in an amazing location. A location which fitted our brand and was easy to access with parking. We have been here now for a year and it was the best business decision we ever made.

Newborn Baby Photography Studio Manchester

The studio has given our business a more established and professional feel. Customer experience is so key in a service based business. Things like inviting our customers back to the studio to view their galleries with unlimited amounts of tea and coffee and chocolate biscuits is a great way to build the customer relationship even further. We could still have done this from home but having the children’s bedtime routine going on in the back ground while Mum and Dad are on the verge of tears watching their beautiful babies slideshow just didn’t work for us.

Newborn Baby Photography Studio Manchester

Our Mission Statement:

Approved, Stylish, Professional Photography at Bubbaloo, we are creatives with a real heart for family. We want to inspire and influence generations of families on the importance of photo archiving. You will find bubbaloo to be an established, upmarket, passionate company with vision to encourage people to realize their achievements as a family and the blessing that children are. We are proud of what we have built, and hope we can bless your families with great lasting memories. Let us inspire you.

Newborn Baby Photography Studio Manchester

Thank You:

Thank you too everybody who has supported or hired us over the past 5 years. Without you we would not have made it this far. We appreicate every single customer we have ever photographed. We have so many more dreams and goals for the future and we can only hope that you will stick around to watch it happen 🙂 We hope you love the studio and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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