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I have to say i constantly have a project on the go. ALWAYS. I was excited about babysitting my niece tonight so that i could stay in and crack on with my projects 🙂 Sad i know, but its exciting to me! BUT i already finished these little beauties this morning. I whipped them up in my small bit of spare time i had this morning, whilst Gary was busy processing orders i jumped on the old SINGER. I love them, looking forward to using them in my up and coming newborn and baby sessions. Saved me a few bucks too 😉 I nipped into the charity shop in the week and brought myself 5 jumpers for the grand total of £9.95. Out of this i made myself 5 up-cycled newborns sets. Not too shabby if i may say so myself. LOVE making my own headbands/hats and photography sets.  Now on the the next project….restoring some old doll cots and making some cute bedding for them for my daughter. I picked them up second hand for £6.99!

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