Newborn Baby Photography Altrincham – Baby William Thomas – 26 Days

Newborn Baby Photography Altrincham – Here we have gorgeous baby boy up on the blog, William Thomas. William was 26 days old when he came for his newborn session. He did so well and we managed to get a ton of sleepy set ups. We love the bright blanket and cute toys Willam’s Mummy brought along to his shoot. We love when clients bring something special with them. His mummy loved anything bright and colourful, we think William totally rocked the bright colours!

Preparing for your Newborn Photography Session –

We provide hats, headbands and other accessories for newborns, please feel free to bring whatever you’ve got also. We keep the babies naked for the whole shoot, so bringing outfits is not necessary. It’s also good when dressing your newborn to come to our studio, that you dress them lightly, like in a onesie, so that we don’t have to disturb them too much when taking them out of the carseat. And please don’t stress about them peeing (or worse) on our stuff. It will happen. And we will wash it. It’s not a big deal, we are very used to it. We will happily do laundry for the sake of cute pictures. Please add £25 for each additional sibling in a newborn session, which includes pictures of them together.

Newborn Checklist:
lots of nappies and wipes
extra blankets
a dummy (this is very helpful if they take one)
a bottle with breastmilk or formula (our studio is suitable for Breastfeeding mums)
a black or white long/short sleeve shirt for mum or dad


Newborn Photography Altrincham

Newborn Photography Altrincham

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