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Wow i can’t believe it’s been nearly 3 months! Luella is 11 weeks tomorrow, she is every inch gorgeous. We’ve just got around to putting together some of her birth pictures! – unfortunately one of the downsides to having a photography business is our family photos are always the last to be edited 😉 but we have finally done it, so we thought we’d share this magical moment. It has brought back some beautiful emotions looking at them. I was so happy the day she arrived and i love looking at the emotion of when she was pulled up onto my stomach. My mother always said after her 7th child that she was going to miss that high of when you first hold your baby.

Luella blessed me with a wonderful birth. I labored at home in the bath overnight and about 6am we thought it was a good time to go to the hospital. I arrived on the birth centre at 6.40am. They were struggling to find me a room, at this stage i didn’t care, i would of had her in the reception. I just wanted some gas and air!!!

I think they realized i must be close, so they gave me the pool room. I was checked and was 9cm! Luella was born just 40mins after arriving in hospital at 7.22am. She was born in the caul, this is supposed to be very special.

The photos are magical, many of which i can’t share. I am slightly in love with birth photography and currently in the process of making a book for each of my children’s birth. It will include our photos of the birth and my thoughts and their own story. When this is completed , i will blog some more photos from the final product.

Birth photography is magical, the moments captured are breathtaking. I wish i could of seen photos from my own birth!


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  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such personal and beautiful pictures.

  2. Beautiful images….intimate and ‘peaceful’. Really like these…


  3. So SO beautiful. So so SO Beautiful 🙂

  4. mirabelle says:

    so ridiculously special – thanx for sharing

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