June’s Family portraits – Family photography Manchester

So here we have our entry for June’s family portraits 🙂 Ive been dying to edit these, but after getting back from holiday i had so much work to catch up on i had to wait! BUT with a busy week ahead shooting and July fast approaching I’ve sat here and edited them this evening! So thats why the late upload 🙂 We had the most wonderful family holiday to beautiful Greece. It couldn’t of been more perfect. We made great friends,  great memories and had a lot of fun! The kids were amazing the whole week. We can’t wait to do it again. Hopefully sometime in the near future….Think I’m going to be addicted to family holidays! So of course we totally had to use the beautiful weather of greece to get our family portraits. Was harder than usual to get our family shot as we didn’t take our tripod away! So once again ended up with loads of photos of me with the kids…opps. CANT believe its nearly JULY!

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  1. mirabelle says:

    only gorgeous!

  2. libertstar says:

    these family portraits are really too nice and attractive and beautiful. these portraits can really makes memorable our such moments whole life.thank you sharing this post among us.

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