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We are still here! Thank god. There was a small fear we might not make it through lockdown but I am so pleased to announce photography studios have been included on the list of non essential businesses that can open on the 15th June!  Bubbaloo will be opening its doors after 12 full weeks, having closed them on the 23rd March. What a challenging enforced season it has been! Even though this season has had it challenges, a lot of good has also come out of it. Our kids couldn’t of been happier, we have had time to actually think and slow down, and Gary has been able to personally donate £500 to the NHS fund by doing doorstep photography which has been amazing. Talking of Gary and good coming out of this we have some big news!….

 ……After 11 years we have decided Gary is not returning to Bubbaloo. We don’t see this as a negative, infact we see it as a positive step.  It’s been absolutely wonderful growing Bubbaloo together over the last 11 years. We started Bubbaloo at the age of just 22, as newly weds with a young baby. Bubbaloo grew organically as we took pictures of our own gorgeous boy. This is all we have ever known! This decision has been brewing for a while, a shift in season has been happening and it just seemed like now was the right time. We didn’t want to come out of the lockdown the same, unchanged. We have had lots of time to talk and evaluate life and we see this step as moving forward and not back. Releasing Gary to venture into more of his dreams and interests work wise.

Don’t worry I have lots of plans, ideas and vision for Bubbaloo and I’m actually really excited for the future. Im not going to lie, im going to miss him! He annoyed the hell out of me at times, but also caused me much amusement in the studio when i would daily laugh at his expense. Who am i going to boss around now? I always knew, but lockdown has confirmed it, i am absolutely a people person. It frightens me the most going back to the studio and being alone. So please do come by, my goodness stop in for a coffee if your in the Green. I really love our community and we can’t go any where now without knowing a family we have photographed, so thank you so much! 

Its not saying Gary has disappeared, he just won’t be in the studio shooting with me. He is going onto new challenges and new adventures in his photography as Freelancer. Follow him at to see what he’s up to.

So i just want to say a massive thank you to Gary, we love you! Its frightening and exciting all at the same time. Please bare with me as structures, sessions and pricing are going to change as i adjust to the new ‘normal’. I also have a child starting secondary school in September and i’m not coping with that! So please book in and come and see me 🙂 i look forward to all the catch ups as we open mid June. Thanks so much for your continued support, and with that i will leave you as this GIRL is BACK TO BUSINESS.

Much Love Hermione & Gary 

P.S Back to Work will look different. I will be uploading a guideline for the government rules we will be following. More to come on PPE, Social distancing in the studio, the shoots we are booking, how they will work and contactless newborn shoots 🙂 look out for all that information coming soon. I will do everything i can to work safely, still capture your memories and keeping everyone safe.

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