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Newborn, Baby, Children & Family Photography Studio Manchester – February Photo Shoots – Bubbaloo Photography

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

We are officially out of Winter, and we spring excitedly into spring! I just wish the weather would get the memo. I’m seriously ready for some Vitamin D in this body! Febuary saw us photograph the last of our winter Newborns. We photographed so many! We had lots of sibling shots, bumps back from maternity shoots, babies that were well worth the wait, a lovely baby shower tea party shoot, first haircut photoshoot, some new props and a bump casting! Its been a fun varied month!

We love taking your family portraits, but what we genuinely love most is everybody’s story. Everybody has got a story, and we feel privileged that we get to hear your stories. This blog post itself has so much depth of stories in each picture. Whether its your longed for child, 1st baby, or your last, a miracle baby, an early baby, born out of tragedy or a complete surprise. Whether this is your 1st portrait as a family, or your completed family portrait. Whether its a generational photo, or celebrating friendships. EVERYBODY has a story.

February has seen Bubbaloo Photography change to Bubbaloo Studios, where we want to offer people chances to create more memories from your stories. Whether its Photography, 3D baby casting or a baby shower event.

We are thinking about doing a series on ‘Everybodys got a story’. We want to encourage, uplift and inspire people through our blog. We will introduce the family, and have a questionnaire and post their photos from their shoot, or their casting session. It will be freeing for some to read, encouraging for others and maybe just relatable.

Be inspired! We look forward to meeting you 🙂 Stay tuned for a blog post on our exciting developments at Bubbaloo Studios.