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Dance Sessions Manchester – Bubbaloo Photography

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Dance Sessions Manchester…Something a little different for us.


Lots of people think we just photograph newborns. Although we are specialist in that area and photograph many newborns it’s not how we began! We started way back in 09 taking gorgeous photo’s of Children & Families and thats what caught peoples eye 🙂 We photograph all ages of children from newborn right up until their gorgeous teen portraits. We love working with older children.


Here is the ever beautiful Camila, She is 13 years old. Ever since we met Camila we have known we wanted to do a shoot for her. She captivated us with her story, beauty and talent.

Camila’s story is pretty special. When we met Camila she hadn’t long been out of treatment. Camila was diagnosed with cancer aged 9. She had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She was diagnosed December 2011 and finished her treatment February 2014. Her story and strength of her family is beautiful. She was a fantastic dancer but grew weak whilst on treatment. She is fighting fit now but kept apologising she wasn’t as flexible as she used to be…. Well we think she looks flipping amazing!!!


We are so glad we met you guys at church and got to know you. It’s a privilege to call you friends. These shots are breathtaking, we hope you can look back on these memories and celebrate you’re victory and treasure them for all you have been through and the beauty you have become. x

Dance Sessions Manchester - Bubbaloo Photography

Dance Session Manchester - Bubbaloo Photography