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Archive for April, 2010

Jackson – Bubbaloo Children Photography – Kansas City

Monday, April 26th, 2010

We absolutely loved this shoot! It was such a spontaneous last minute decision, but what a brilliant one! We were literally on the way to another location, and we came across this railway and the shoot flashed before our eyes and we couldn’t resist! We swung by a thrift store and picked up some props, all very last minute! We are so glad we went with our instincts, because Jackson was the perfect model for this railway shoot. He did such a good job. Walking along the railway was VERY exciting for a little boy! He was such a natural, and his boyish personality definately shows! So good job Jackson!!

Helm – Bubbaloo Family Portraits – Kansas City

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

What a day for a shoot! Perfect conditions. Not only were this family completely delightful, Their little boy Samuel was such a smiler. He LOVED the camera and was so much fun to work with. Once again we returned to Loose park but this time to the Rose gardens. Although they are not out yet, it seems a popular location! Im just itching to Photograph our little boy there! What a gorgeous fun family.

Lepage – Bubbaloo Family Portraits – Kansas City

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Welcome the the Lepage family! It was so nice to shoot this cute little family. Just the 3 of them, BUT they have a little bubba on the way, its Bumpaloo i here you say! It was the nicest day to shoot. Sammual was a total star, although he just wanted to get in the pond with the ducks, we managed to get some absolute stunners of shots. We LOVE the spring here, the colours and the vibrant greens create such gorgeous pictures. What a beautiful little family. YAY for Katie, Nathan and samuel 🙂